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For many years, we have been supplying blueberries to chefs from some of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area, Napa Valley and Central California including several Michelin star chefs. We know that quality is the key element for the produce supplied to these establishments and we are confident in knowing our blueberries meet their expectations week after week throughout our season. 

Wholesale & Delivery

We would be happy to talk with you about a pick up or delivery options. You can also pre-order and pick up any amount of our blueberries at over fifty farmers market locations that we attend weekly throughout the Bay Area from late April through early July.  

Quantities & Sizing

1 Crate - approximately 18 lbs of bulk blueberries. 

1 Box - 10 lb box of bulk blueberries

Flats   - (8) 18 oz Clamshell Containers 

           - (12) 11 oz Clamshell Containers

           - (12) 6 oz Clamshell Containers

For more information regarding pricing, delivery or purchasing, please contact us at 559-287-3965 or


Organic 18lb Crate


6 oz x 12 flats


 18lb Crate


11 oz x 12 flats


10 lb box


18 oz x 8 flats

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