We grow eight different varieties of blueberries in two locations, which allows our season to begin early April and extend through the end of June. Our blueberries are hand-picked one berry at a time at their optimal ripeness and quickly brought to our customers, allowing them to stay fresh for at least two weeks.

   We not only take pride in the quality and freshness of our  blueberries...but their incredible taste is what makes them stand out above the rest! 

   We have strict sustainable farming practices in place and are certified with USDA Good Agricultural Practices by maintaining high farming and food handling


Hand Picked


Each plant is picked five to six times throughout the season, ensuring each berry is picked at its optimal ripeness.

standards. Our west side field has been certified Organic through CCOF since before it was planted over 10 years ago. Since we don't use any synthetic pesticides, our hope is to begin the official organic transition on our home field in the near future.

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