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     Triple Delight Blueberries, first established in 1997, is located just south of Fresno in California's San Joaquin Valley. Mark & Kimberly Sorensen named their farm after their three "delightful" daughters: Johannah, Elizabeth and Olivia. As fifth generation raisin farmers, the Sorensen's decided to plant five acres of blueberries to diversify their farming operation. The initial plan was to sell their berries to a wholesale broker, but in 1998, the Sorensen's tried taking their blueberries to the Aptos Farmers Market on Saturdays. They were quickly drawn to the fulfillment they felt when meeting the people who enjoyed their berries. Each year, their farmers market operation grew, and before long they  were able to sell their entire crop directly to the consumers through markets in Central and Northern California. Their short,


ten-week season means attending many markets in a short amount of time. 

      Mark & Kim farm certified organic and conventional (but pesticide free) blueberries. They farm over 10 different varieties that allow them to expand their season from early April - early July each year. The Sorensen family thoroughly appreciates their loyal customers who wait patiently for Triple Delight's season to begin each year. They love growing a crop that brings much joy to so many people and look forward to the continued friendships they rekindle each year. You can be sure to find a family member selling tasty blueberries at many of the farmers markets they attend each harvest season. Triple Delight Blueberries has become a name you can count on for "straight from the field" freshness and unbelievably flavorful blueberries.

Triple Delight Blueberries

Triple Delight Blueberries

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